For 50 years Long Island Reach has served community residents providing comprehensive social, psychological, educational and legal assistance to individuals and families. Our mission is to reach out with counseling, treatment and educational services in both English and Spanish.

Therapist work in conjunction with clients to develop an individualized treatment plan that is reviewed by Long Island Reach’s Interdisciplinary Team. Treatment plans may include individual, group or family psychotherapy, psychiatric and psychological evaluations, chemical dependency education, play therapy for children, crisis management, teen pregnancy and prevention, HIV education and prevention, LGBT support, parent education and educational/vocational counseling. Our Interdisciplinary Team consists of licensed and experienced psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists. In addition, Long Island Reach’s medical staff monitor and manage prescription medications including suboxone maintenance, vivitrol, psychotropic medications, etc., and coordinate care with clients' primary care physicians upon initial psychiatric assessment.

Long Island Reach has developed an educational DWI/DUI program and assist with coordination with multiple judicial units such as Probation, Parole, STEP, TASC, Department of Motor Vehicles, etc. It is only with client consent our Court Liaison prepares and provides these judicial units and attorneys with monthly reports including attendance records, and progress in treatment.

For the past several years, Reach continues to deploy social workers and or mental health therapists to the City of Long Beach Public Middle School and High School to assist students who are victims of society and fear the stressors and peer pressure that stem from being a teenager. This component of Reach is completely free and confidential and is considered a safe haven for teenagers.

Counselors are also deployed to The Harriet Eisman Community School, a New York State Credited High School. This alternative high school educational component of Long Island Reach evaluates and provides treatment to students enrolled. Services include individual, group and vocational therapy to students ages 14-21. To date, The Harriet Eisman Community School had over 2,500 graduating students with a NYS issued High School Diploma.

Reach provides counseling in times of crisis from the hours of 6 pm-11 pm Monday through Thursday. The Crisis Nightwatch Hotline is free of charge and we have a team of on call therapist ready to assist you during your time of need. If you are in need of assistance please do not hesitate to call 516-889-2332 or the Long Island Crisis Center.

Long Island Reach is licensed by New York State Office of Addiction and Supports, New York State Office of Mental Health, New York State Department of Education and is in compliance with Nassau County Department of

Human Services Office of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Developmental Disabilities, Nassau County Office of Youth Services, Nassau County Department of Community Development, and works in conjunction with Nassau County Mobile Crisis and various hospitals, partial hospitalization and outpatient facilities with referrals.

Since 1970, Long Island Reach has had the mission to support our communities. We have been and will continue to provide services and now can offer TeleHealth. No one is denied treatment due to inability to pay. If you do not have insurance or are uninsured we will work with you. Please do not hesitate to give us a call as we are in this together.


Long Island Reach
Long Beach, NY 516-889-2332


Port Counseling Center
Port Washington, NY 516-767-1133


Community Counseling Center
Franklin Square, NY 516-505-1717


Harriet Eisman Community School
Long Beach, NY  516-889-2332


Nightwatch Crisis Hotline
Monday-Thursday 6 pm-11 pm 516-889-2332


Special Message to Donors Regarding COVID-19:

Every two days on Long Island three people die of a drug overdose. A significant amount of the Long Island population either suffer from a substance abuse disorder or have been impacted by addiction. Research from past disasters predict that the surge in demand for vital mental health and chemical dependency treatment will peak at about six months following the disaster and can continue for many years. The region has never before experienced a health crisis of this magnitude and level of devastation and loss. As or communities are currently experiencing the effects of COVID-19, Long Island Reach has begun facilitating the expansion of existing programs by implementing new innovative therapeutic approaches such as TeleHealth. Even though various TeleHealth services are not acceptable for reimbursement, Reach has waved all out of pocket expenses as a result of job loss, a lapse in medical coverage and financial hardship. Your donation matters and your donation will help continue the provision of services to those who are vulnerable in your community.